Tui-Na (Chinese Massage)

Gua Sha

Using a round-edged ceramic pressed on the skin along the meridians channels to scrape wind from body. This theraphy will immediately relieves stiffness, pain, fever, chill, cough, and nausea.


Used to stimulate blood flow, to balance and realign energy flow, and to remove toxins from body

Stone Therapy

Warm stones that put along the spine, toes, hands to relax muscle tension with minimal pain. Recommended for low-tolerance-toward-pain people who have muscle tension.    

Back / Chair Massage

Foot Reflexology

Chair massage that focus on neck, shoulders, and back parts. After receiving this massage, your spine and back will energize.
We can perform chair massage at your company for $90 an hour. See more details on the Prices page under Chair Massage to Your Company.

& Reflexology

A technique that uses firm pressure applied slowly to target deeper layer of muscles and connective tissue. This technique relieves chronic tension, muscle spasm and restores normal movement.


Deep Tissue Massage

Accupressure techniques. This type of massage is effective for chronic pain associated with muscles and joints, sciatica, and pain in the shoulders, back and neck. It is designed to increase mobility using pressure points on particular body parts for optimum healing. 


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Gentle pressure and slow strokes on superficial mucles to  direct blood flow to lympathic drainages. This massage improves blood circulation, removes toxins, and promotes deep relaxation.

Reflexology is an ancient technique that based on reflex points on feet, hands, and ears. These points or areas correspond to organs, glands, and systems in the body. By applying pressure on specific point connected to specific organ or gland, it will affect that organ or gland function. Reflexology is benefit to stimulate blood circulation and improve general well-being.

Swedish Massage